Friday, April 15, 2016

Story Time- The Boasting Bull

Although i enjoy all things creative my passion is for Painting-Drawing-Illustrating etc !
I recently, and FINALLY, finished working on Illustrating a story for my now Mother In-Law which she wrote to read to her grandchildren.
We have had it printed and made into a book and we are both really happy with how it has turned out. Her story is great with a good little moral to it and I'm thrilled she likes the Illustrations!

Now that my Partner and I  are married and all the wedding prep and organization is over I will have a lot more time for other projects, time for completing older projects and taking on new ones!

I enjoyed working on my Mother In-Laws story and we have decided to put a few of her other tales together and create some more books for her grandchildren! I can't wait to see what story my Mother In-Law will send me next to work on!

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