Monday, June 13, 2016

A day out and about...

Sometimes my partner and I may only see each other two or three times during a week due to work.
I work 8.30am til 3.30pm-ish and when he does night shift he starts at 4pm. Some Weeks we will see each other Tuesday evening then not again until the weekend.
Last week was one of those weeks.
So come the weekend we decided to have had a 'Date Day'! We both had Saturday off which is RARE so we planned to spend the day together out and about. That morning we found out The Hot Rod show was on so we went for a look...

We took the camera and Phil got some great shots! (above)
I was impressed with the amount of cars on show to be honest, Blenheim is quite small and usually so are the events! It was a AWESOME display!
Afterwards we headed into town and wandered about then decided to head over to the Saturday Market and have a browse. There was heaps to look at but no 'treasures' to be found that day.
We ended our 'Date Day' with hot chips and milkshakes... a Delicious end to a great day out!

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