Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fairytales and Whimsy!

I thought I'd spend the weekend gathering inspiration for my 2 new Fairy-tale artworks i am hoping to start painting in the next few days.
I'm not really one to go looking for inspiration, i usually wait til it finds me but i thought I'd take the Camera and go see what i could find. While on my walk I found myself near Mums house so stopped in for a coffee. Her house is full of rustic creations and creative ideas and that's where i snapped this shot!...

We decided to take a walk over to Pollard Park, which is only a few hundred meters from her house.
Being Autumn here the entire park is covered in golds and reds, it was beautiful!
On our way home we saw a patch of garden with several different kinds of Mushrooms growing... Another whimsical Snap! A great day full of inspirations!

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