Friday, May 13, 2016

Creating Characters

Recently i posted about creating a book with my Mother-Inlaw.
I will soon be working on illustrations for her next story so I was having a look though the previous one and pondering how i was going to go about Illustrating the next one. I feel I am still 'finding my style' when it comes to creating illustrations like these.

The first book i ever made, which I created/illustrated and wrote myself - for my own personal joy - was hand painted. I sketched out and painted each illustration onto canvas.
This took ALONG time but it was a personal goal so I had no time restraints and i am extremely proud of how it turned out, and the fact i actually completed it!
My Mother-Inlaws book is the second real story I've illustrated, which i created by sketching out all the characters then re-doing them all and colouring them in corel (image above shows 'character work') which was a fun change and a new challenge!
So here i am wondering how I will create the next lot of Characters and if the next style will finally be the style i stick with?!

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