Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Writing for Writing's Sake

I can’t remember how or why I begun writing but I have enjoyed it ever since i started!
It was in 2007 I had my first poem published in an online magazine called SHINE then only a month later another piece was accepted to be published in Contemporary Rhyme’s e-journal!

This was very exciting and extremly encouraging! - To this day, I still have every one of my acceptance letters! (I even kept a couple of the cheques! I properly should have banked these!)

I continued writing for a long time and the more I wrote the more I enjoyed it!
Between 2007-2011 I ended up with a fair few pieces being accepted for publication, in e-zines and online journals such as Blackmail Press, Mouth Full of Bullets, Abyss & Apex and Eclecticism E-zine along with several pieces published in print.

10 years + later and I still love to write!
I have learnt a lot about writing and publishing over the last few years and maybe one day i will use what i have learnt and pursue this hobby further, but for now, I am happy to continue creating stories and writing for the simple joy of it!

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