Friday, January 13, 2017


Welcome 2017!
We had a awesome end to 2016 and a great start to the New Year with my Brother In-law, his Partner and our Two Nephews come stay with us for just over a week.
It was SO much fun I could write a novel about our time together!... But i wont... I just thought I’d share a few of my fave moments from their trip…

On today's schedule was a trip to Picton/Waikawa to do some possible fishing, swimming and general exploring.
We arrived in Picton and wondered around the shops for awhile then headed down to the bay area were the boys paddled in the water and played in the sand while we sat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
After awhile we headed over to the playground area where they also run a small (VERY SMALL) train for the kids to ride on and also hire out mini boats for them to sail in the paddling pool/pond.
It was great entertainment and pretty much cost us nothing!

After a few hours in Picton we headed off to spend the afternoon in Waikawa.
We found a nice little bay just past the Waikawa area were we had lunch, did some fishing and explored the area. The Nephews seemed to quite enjoy discovering the different creatures (such as Periwinkles) and hidden sea treasures scattered among/over the rocks.

The boys attempted to do some fishing but after a short time we realized the wind was to strong in this area and we decided to head back towards Waikawa bay and try our luck there.

I’ve lived in Marlborough almost 15 years and never been fruit picking, which is like living in Marlborough and not drinking wine… which ironically I don’t do either!
Marlborough is FULL of Pick-your-Own fruit orchards (also known as Pay-to-Pick) so this day we took advantage of that which I really enjoyed!
We ended up with Apricots, Plums, Cherries and Boysenberries and even treated ourselves to a ‘Real Fruit Ice Cream’ which was very yummy!

Although I'm still not sure whether we were allowed to eat the berries while we picked them but I know we weren’t meant to eat the cherries as there was a “NO EATING FRUIT” sign up but with a little mini fruit harvester on our team we were busted before we even began picking!

It was wonderful to met the Brother In-Laws Partner, she is lovely and i felt we were on the same page with a lot of things eg morals, values etc she was very easy to get on with and most importantly the Boys love her to bits!
We had a awesome time and i miss them all HEAPS already! (even my Brother In-law!) I can't wait til the next visit!

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